Recurrency is the world's first Enterprise Optimization System.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Maximize your margins with individualized pricing for each customer-item pair.

  • Match supply and demand to optimize revenue
  • Improve margins and grow share of wallet
  • Simplify sales process and accelerate time-to-quote
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Predictive Customer Targeting

Increase sales productivity and effectiveness with predictive customer targeting.

  • Prioritize customers that are most likely to buy now
  • Automate the reorder process for seasonal customers
  • Drive customer loyalty with right-time, right-price prediction
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Predictive Analytics
Cross-Sales Analytics

Item & Customer Recommendations

Expand average order value (AOV) with intelligent recommendations.

  • Grow line items per order with more effective up-selling
  • Expand customer lifetime value and earn loyalty
  • Uncover new market opportunities and move deadstock
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Crystal Ball Demand Forecasting

Eliminate stockouts and reduce overstock with Recurrency's state-of-the-art demand forecasting.

  • Delight customers by always being in-stock
  • Optimize inventory to reduce carrying costs
  • Expand revenue opportunities by capitalizing on trends
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Demand Forecasting

Every Recurrency implementation comes with...

Instant Integrations

Recurrency seamlessly integrates with most distribution ERPs, CRMs, and webstore managers. Our integrations library means implementing Recurrency can take under a day.

Advanced Security

Recurrency was built with security in mind. We encrypt customer data according to military-grade encryption standards.

Open API

Recurrency's API is simple to use and is able to be integrated into other business systems and webstores.

Live Tech Support

Recurrency comes with comprehensive live tech support and integration specialists to ensure customer success.